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Ladies Night Out: Triple Shot 2


The benchmark in women’s wrestling returns! 30 exclusive women’s matches in 1 day.
Title Match Network presents Ladies Night Out-Triple Shot 2! In association with AML Wrestling and Battle Club Pro.

This is a special 6-hour PPV from The AML Training Center in Winston-Salem, NC

Show 3 Matches:
Main Event:
LNO Champion Janai Kai vs Miyu Yamashita vs Angelica Risk
Arie Alexander Vs Kenzie Paige
Renee Michelle vs Emily Jaye
Battle Club Pro ICONS Champion Cosmic(c) vs 
Brittany Jade
CCW Network Champion

Christina Marie vs Kylie Alexa
Imperial Pro Women’s Champion Roxy (c) vs Nikii Duke
Jordy Lee Vs Avery Jax
JC Storm Vs Ultra Violette
Ella Envy Vs Jada Stone
Kaitlyn Marie & Sammi Chaos vs Vanity & Olivia Devine
Clara Carter vs Spice Spiegel

Show 2 Matches:
Main Event
Renee Michelle Vs Kenzie Paige
Brittany Jade Vs Arie Alexander
Battle Club Pro Icons Champion Cosmic vs Avery Jax
Ella Envy vs Kylie Alexa
Spice Spiegel Vs Jada Stone
Jazmyne Hao Vs Olivia Devine
Clara Carter vs Selina Rose

Show 1 Matches:
CCW Network Champion Christina Marie vs Roxy
Pretty Empowered Vs Brittany Jade & Jada Stone
Vanity vs JC Storm
Emily Jaye Vs Selina Rose
Nikii Duke vs Ultra Violette
Jazmyne Hao vs Sammi Chaos
Jordy Lee vs Kylie Alexa

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