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Frequently Asked Questions

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Choose a new Membership Plan here.
You will receive all access to both TitleMatchNetwork.com & our Classic Network.
We also include a FREE 2-week trial for new users so you won’t be double billed for making the switch.

If you have any trouble, please reach out to our support. We’re happy to help!
Yes. Choose a new membership plan here.
You will receive all access to both TitleMatchNetwork.com & our Classic Network.
We also give you a FREE 2-week trial so you won’t be double billed for making the switch.
Simply visit TitleMatchWrestlingNetwork.com or click the Classic Network icon on the menu screen.
Classic Network will remain available to fans but will no longer be updated after 9/18/20.
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When you get overcharged for your monthly bill, you have 30 days to request a refund; otherwise, Title Match Network will not accept it.
Users must contact Title Match Network within the 2-week trial period to avoid the $9.99/monthly charge. If there is no communication from the buyer within the first 2-weeks, Title Match will not honor a refund request.

It is up to the user to cancel their own trial. Instructions are included via email and on the Help page.
Reach out to our support. We’re happy to help!
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