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Welcome to the Top 100 Most Watched Pro Wrestling Promotions on YouTube! 

We uncover which companies are at the forefront of today’s wrestling boom. Take a deep dive into what fans are truly watching across the globe. 

YouTube, now the second largest search engine in the world, behind Google (who also owns YouTube) allows us to tap into an endless myriad of different styles and niches. How privileged we are to have this unthinkable access to professional wrestling. 

Regardless your age or where you live, as long as you have an internet connection, you can watch millions of hours of free pro wrestling. Now let’s see where everyone stacks up heading into 2022. 

All YouTube channels below have been ranked by lifetime views. We updated views and subscriber counts through Jan 1, 2022. This list only showcases active wrestling promotions so no gaming, news or podcast channels have been ranked. We will release a separate list that includes all wrestling-related channels shortly.

Hopefully in reading this, you will find some new favorites to follow. Please let us know what you think and tell us if we missed anyone!

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  Top 100 Most Watched  Through  1/1/22  Through 1/1/20   
  Promotion Subs Views Gains Subs Views
1 WWE 84.7M 65.2B +25.5B 55.1M 39.7B
2 Impact 4.29M 2.6B +500M 3.13M 2.01B
3 CWE Khali 4.17M 1.43B N/A N/A N/A
4 Beyond Wrestling 3.36M 1.28B +479M 2.11M 801M
5 AEW 2.95M 948M +738M 446K 13.1M
6 Title Match Wrestling 2.08M 773M +460M 1.01M 313M
7 Lucha Libre AAA 1.45M 369M +133M 1.12M 236M
8 Limitless Wrestling 944K 356M +145M 615K 211M
9 NJPW (Official) 465K 302M N/A N/A N/A
10 Estrellas Del Ring 635K 272M N/A N/A N/A
11 Defiant Wrestling 738K 190M +52M 568K 138M
12 Ring of Honor 681K 186M +67M 427K 111M
13 Big Japan Pro Wrestling 453K 152M +31.7M 368K 119.3M
14 Women’s Wrestling Revolution 331K 143M +24M 281K 119M
15 Reality of Wrestling 549K 139M +114.7M 150K 24.3M
16 Queens of the Ring (via Title Match) *** 108M N/A N/A N/A
17 NJPW (English) 381K 106M +44M 274K 62.1M
18 AIW Wrestling 178K 103M +26M 128K 76.6M
19 Combat Zone Wrestling 271K 99M +42M 206K 57.7M
20 Stardom 165K 99M +62M 114K 37M
21 CMLL 269K 92M      
22 Battle Club Pro (via Title Match) *** 88M      
23 Warriors of Wrestling 200K 64M      
24 Ladies Night Out (via Title Match) *** 54M      
25 DDT Pro 98K 49M      
26 ICW (Scotland) 153K 39M      
27 Pro Wrestling NOAH 74K 36M      
28 Santino Bros Wrestling 105K 29M      
29 WOW: Women of Wrestling 57K 27M      
30 RISE 85K 24M      
31 Riot City Wrestling 71K 22.5M      
32 Brii Combination Wrestling (via Title Match) *** 21M      
33 Premier Pro Wrestling 47K 17M      
34 Championship Wrestling Ontario 50K 16M      
35 A Matter of Pride 55K 14.5M      
36 Mission Pro Wrestling (via Title Match) *** 11M      
37 Hurricane Pro Wrestling (via Title Match) *** 10.5M      
38 WrestlePro 65K 10M      
39 MLW 146K 9M      
40 Pro Wrestling Guerrilla 61K 9M      
41 F1RST Wrestling 47K 9M      
42 Zelo Pro 35K 9M      
43 FITE 10K 9M      
44 German Wrestling Federation 28K 8.7M      
45 Pro Wrestling 2.0 27K 8.5M      
46 Freelance Wrestling 43K 8M      
47 FEST 40K 8M      
48 Boston Wrestling 24K 8M      
49 Wrestle-1 18K 8M      
50 AJPW 21K 7M      
51 WWN LIVE (Evolve) 36K 6.4M      
52 OTT Wrestling 32K 6M      
53 Future Stars of Wrestling 29K 6M      
54 Dragon Gate 24K 5.3M      
55 House of Glory 30K 5M      
56 MCW Maryland 25K 5M      
57 Shimmer 22K 5M      
58 AAW Pro 27K 4.9M      
59 Pro Wrestling Eve 31K 4.7M      
60 Progress 34K 4.6M      
61 Queens of the North (via Title Match) *** 4.2M      
62 Tokyo Joshi Pro 19K 4.1M      
63 NWA 226K 4M      
64 WXW: Westside Xtreme 18K 4M      
65 Heel/Face (Sabotage) 15K 4M      
66 PCW Ultra N/A 3.8M      
67 Championship Wrestling from Memphis 16K 3M      
68 Hoodslam 13K 3M      
69 Southside Wrestling 10K 3M      
70 GCW: Game Changer Wrestling 36K 2.9M      
71 Wrestlecade (via Title Match) *** 2.9M      
72 River City Wrestling 6K 2.8M      
73 Loko Wrestling (via Title Match) *** 2.8M      
74 SMASH Wrestling 13K 2.6M      
75 IWA Mid-South 12K 2.6M      
76 Chikara 11K 2.3M      
77 PCW UK 9K 2.3M      
78 United Wrestling Network (Championship Wrestling from Hollywood) 9K 2.3M      
79 Chaotic Wrestling 8K 2.2M      
80 Atomic Championship Wrestling N/A 2.2M      
81 WHAT! Wrestling 9K 2.2M      
82 DEFY 19K 2M      
83 PWX 7K 1.9M      
84 ECCW 5K 1.7M      
85 WXW RageTV 3M 1.7M      
86 Brazilian Wrestling Federation 25K 1.6M      
87 Empire State Wrestling 5K 1.6M      
88 Shine 8.3K 1.5M      
89 New Texas Pro Wrestling 7K 1.4M      
90 Go Pro Wrestling 11K 1.2M      
91 Wrestling Revolver 5K 1M      
92 FLAWLESS (via Title Match) *** 1.1M      
93 FIP 3K 875K      
94 Melbourne City Wrestling 4K 795M      
95 Generation Championship Wrestling (via Title Match) *** 775K      
96 OVW TV 17K 732K      
97 Elite Wrestling Entertainment 2K 657K      
98 Fight Factory Wrestling UK 3.9K 632K      
99 VCW Wrestling 3K 602K      
100 Create a Pro Wrestling 5.4K 581K      

Few takeaways from the list:
*WWE is still as dominant as ever and had more growth than all other 99 brands combined
*There is a massive appetite and consumption of alternative promotions 
*If AEW continues their growth, they could hit Top 3 very soon
*Only 6 promotions in the world have over 2 Million subscribers. Beyond & Title Match Wrestling are the only ones, not owned/funded by a millionaire or billionaire
*If you ever dreamed of the wrestling territories coming back, it looks like they’re already here


  1. Charles Creech says:

    Old School Championship Wrestling should definitely be on this list!

  2. Big fan of Mission Pro and Future Stars of Wrestling

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